Self-Help Books – The new Guide & Mentor

There are times when we are in need for guidance for a better future, than what it is today. This is easier said than done, since there are a multitude of factors that influence a specific outcome. However, we could still create a positive perspective on a situation, with an improved approach in tackling it. Many individuals would have undergone the same situation and circumstance, with encouraging results in the end. Such is the nature and purpose of self-improvement books. Business gurus, life-coaches, successful entrepreneurs, sports psychologists, celebrity athletes are all the members of this elite authors’ club of self help literature. All these individuals in the course of their professional endeavors have discovered pearls of wisdom, which when shared, could help numerous people.

In our age of heightened competition, our need for ‘food for the mind’ is served by these books. In fact, the human mind cannot digest numerous variables that control the outcome of a situation. When prescribed with a one-solution-fits-all approach, through a book, it would definitely create an understandable degree of skepticism in the minds of a critic. However, going by the trade estimates, self-help books continue to rise in popularity. Since there are no obligations to follow a specific method prescribed in a book and going by our disposable culture. An idea in a book can also be discarded, if it does not stick with the demands of our situation.

In a culture permeating with a never-give-up attitude, where everyone is reaching for the stars; Self-improvement books provide solace by making us think to play by the rules. The challenges we encounter are lessons meant to be learns before we reach our destination. Self-help is our means to an end.

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